Вольно перевела один из своих постов для новой соцсети Ello. Давно пора включаться в общение на втором языке, но я всегда очень боюсь показаться глупой.
Поправьте меня, пожалуйста, кто знает английский, если найдёте ошибки. А ещё мне интересно, насколько крива моя речь с точки зрения англоговорящих...

On Tuesday me and my husband were hearing Schnittke's "Five aphorisms" in the conservatory's concert hall. Traditionally the perfomance was accompanied by recitation of Joseph Brodsky's poems. The subject of the composition is a metaphysics of death, at least, we were given that interpretation.

As for me being a classically innocent audience (I only have a primary musical education and some experience in popular genres of the XX-XXI century), it is a disturbing piece of music, at times scary, at times dramatic, at times a sort of cosmic (it is hard to find the right word...transcendent?). The fading chords in the fourth part stand for the nonexistence. "Постепенно действительность превращается в недействительность" (с) It makes sense only in live performance (or if you have a Hi-End equipment) because the overtones are the key.

Certainly "Five Aphorisms" is a conceptual work in which Schnittke raises an abstract and complicated issues he was interested in at the end of life. His musical language assumes specific interpretation for academically educated musicians with big experience, who see the structure, the techniques and all the references. So, despite the concert was meant for non-advanced audience, it seemed to me that it was incorrect to take this music intuitively. But for my husband it was quite ok=)

So I realize that I need to do some research on musical psychology and music theory to enjoy such music more fully.